Use fall well

There are few things I enjoy as much as the change of seasons. Minnesota has some great features and one of them is that we get a few months of each kind of weather. Spring comes as a relief; summer arrives with all of its’ untapped potential but fall brings an implied pause to life even as it casually mentions that winter is on the way. I like fall, it is my season.

Autumn is fall and autumn begins September 23rd. This is the time of year when the sun is directly above the equator which means day and night are equal. I don’t know if this has any effect of the human body, but it makes sense as autumn always felt like a crossroads to me. I mean, it’s a time to pause but also a time to make decisions-these are two opposite actions however one does give room for the other.

I did a little research and people celebrate autumn world-wide. There are many different rituals however many of them are centered on harvest and being thankful; maybe that’s a good place to start. I think most people always want another season in the sun which is what we are now finishing. I am not a huge fan of summer however I do enjoy the freedom of the season and the productivity. I am thankful for finishing projects that have been in the works for some time and the time I have spent with Lisa.

Now let’s get to the decision part of autumn and the pause that allows these decisions. My sister was here this past week for a visit from North Carolina. About a year ago, she and her husband made a big decision to leave the area for a whole new state. This was a huge decision not without some risk as they had to sell their house and leave with all possessions packed into a few trucks. It’s these sorts of decisions that get made in autumn. I have seen quite a few people make job changes recently, some of them just left while some move on with specific intent. Either of these moves take some courage and faith.

Autumn is also the time of pause. Autumn is the jumping-off place for the uncertainty of winter. Autumn is the little pause before what can be the most dangerous of seasons. It is the time when we know, not just in our heads but in our hearts, that winter is coming. It’s easy to know  winter arrives each year, but to feel the cold morning air when you go to work or have to start the furnace that makes winter a reality in your heart.


So use fall and not just to engage your depression at the loss of summer. Football is here, the kids are back in school and you don’t often have to mow the lawn at this time. This is the pause to gather yourself for the rest of the only 2019 you will ever see; use fall well.

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