The Little Things

Lately, I’ve had time to think, to really evaluate life- to dig down into what is important or that which makes a lasting impression. This is not a column about character or morality, it’s more about the little things.

I wish I could tell you about some happy event or typical inspiration for a lasting memory. It’s seems to me that most long-term memories occur as a surprise and are not scheduled or planned in advance. Maybe it is the times when my guard is down that I my mind is really at its’ most approachable state.

In second grade, one of my classmates was having a bad day. I remember she had been crying about something and was quietly weeping, although trying to recover herself. Class had to continue that day and our teacher was talking about different something which required the classes participation. I remember my little classmate was doing her best to do what was asked of her even though she was not happy. I felt so bad for her but maybe that was a time when I learned that life goes on even when you’d like to hit the pause button. The actions of this tiny drama were a lesson to me.

I will occasionally see a lost soul and it touches me. This is not about ghosts or sinners in need of redemption but rather lost pets waiting for a home. Even worse are the pets who had a home but the humans in their life decided they did not want them-their eyes reveal what it feels like to be unwanted. I think these little moments remind me that the greatest earthly treasures are mostly things I take for granted; someone who wants me around, the respect of a friend or the love of a family member-or the love of a pet. It’s a reminder that all those things are only stored in me until I can give them away-by doing little things-like pet adoption.

I sometimes find touching moments in the little habits of people. Lisa and I like our little Sunday drives; I’ve noticed sometimes she will wring her hands a little during these little trips. It’s a little thing but I always worry that she is anxious about something. I sometimes will hold her hand a little when she does this and ask if she is ok and the answer is always that she is fine. She’s told me it just makes her hands feel better but there’s something about this habit that makes me want to check on her. I guess this is just one of those little things that reminds me Lisa occupies a huge part of my life and that as she goes, so go I. It’s a good reminder even though my reaction is probably greater than it needs to be.

The Oak Ridge Boys released a song-years ago- titled “Little Things.” The lyrics include “it’s the little things that make me love you so.” Perhaps it’s the little things in life that remind us of how precious life is and how we should really love it.

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