People who work with animals

I deeply respect people who work with animals. I work with animals but it is usually on a very serene, peaceful basis. I wonder about the people who love animals yet must deal with them in less than ideal situations. I also wonder if I could perform the tasks they perform, with animals, on a daily basis.


I really care for veterinarians and veterinary techs. These are the people who show compassion to animals by healing them and relieving their pain. They must somehow balance out their compassion as they perform surgery or stick a needle into an animal. Causing pain is the last thing any of them want to do but any human who has been to the doctor knows there is sometimes pain in the name of healing. These same people also deal with pet owners who may vary anywhere from totally disinterested to hysterical-a very broad spectrum. The animal care provider sometimes must euthanize an animal by themselves-which is cruel to the animal and the veterinarian. How in the world can you give compassion to the animal while carefully providing the procedure which will relieve their pain and cease their heartbeat? It is at least a two-person job. The answer here is simple, even if it hurts a lot, if you are the pet owner then you must be there for your animal during this process. It may be difficult, but it is your responsibility. It’s an element of love that takes backbone.

I often think about those who work at humane societies too. Here are people who show their love for the unloved animals of this world. It must be heart-breaking to see the same situation repeat itself. These people know deep compassion for animals and get to see just the opposite each day-which they try to correct. Then they must ask for donations over and over just so they can do their good work. I have often thought of the Pennington County Humane Society as a place that serves a much larger area than Pennington County. It seems to me to be more of a regional facility and should be treated as such. It cares for animals that otherwise would create a nuisance among the human population or would just live on edge of humanity until they died. These people do the work that would otherwise be done using taxpayer dollars-perhaps we should pay them for the work they do for us. Anyway, it would take one stress away from their busy day.


Saint Francis of Assisi is quoted as saying “if you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” There are many things you could take from this quote, I take it to say that the best of mankind reveals itself when one of us cares for that “wild” cat or eases the pain of an old dog.

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