Daydreaming at the car wash

It’s been warm lately so both Lisa and I have recently washed our vehicles. This is not something we typically do in late January however this is not a typical January.

I like a good car wash. I typically get a coffee before driving into the wash bay and relax and enjoy the experience, especially when it’s cold outside. The warm water rhythmically washes off the salt, melts the snow followed by a good fan-dry of the vehicle. You head back out to winter with a fresh start. It is a relaxing aside to any busy day, and a good place to hide from life. I often wish the carwash would last a bit longer so I could eat a sandwich or a few boiled eggs, efficiency is not always to the benefit of man.

I remember the car wash as an integral part of dating when I was younger. You needed a fresh car to pick-up your date or it looked like you didn’t care. The only carwash available back then for me was either on the farm or in Thief River Falls where Oil Boyz now operates. Washing my car on the farm meant cold water and the car never seemed to get very clean. In town, I got hot water and high pressure, plus it just seemed like part of the whole ritual of a movie and pizza back in the eighties. I could also parlay this into two trips to town, perhaps even a stop at 7-11 for a Big Gulp.

My car wash experience varies with the type of the car wash. The stationary automated type is pretty common however I will occasionally use the moving, production-line type of car wash. I save the moving car wash for a treat when I need some adventure. My first time in a moving car wash was with Lisa and I didn’t leave the transmission in neutral. The machine started moving us along and I could hear the tires chirp which created panic until I figured out how essential it was to choose the proper transmission setting for the car wash.  That setting is neutral.

When it comes time to wash the four wheelers at the end of the year, I haul them in on the trailer and use the power wash wand. The atvs are used at our place for checking on the cattle so they need cleaning at the end of the year. I usually scrape them off first, then head for the car wash. No matter what, I always end up spraying the concave side of a fender or other surface which sends the water right back into my eyes. I’ve considered safety goggles but they always bring to mind the wimpy kid who wears eye-protection to eat a grapefruit. Always better to keep up the manly façade.

The car wash, for me it is more than necessary vehicle maintenance-it is an adventure.

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