The Restorative Powers of a Trip to Viking

We are in the third month of the Covid-19 pandemic. I can recall moments of recent history that felt like I was living someone else’s life. I don’t like that feeling-I like my life, I have little interest in the Covid-19 lifestyle. However, that is what we are all living.

I needed a break this past weekend. A break from being my current self. I think when a person gets a little lost in life, they need to return to a place where they knew themselves. Maybe they need to go even further back to a time in their life leading up to a time when they knew themselves well.

It’s easy to find myself in Viking, at least for me. I see myself everywhere when I go to Viking. It’s almost I am wearing special glasses that help me see back to a time when I knew Viking and it knew me.

Driving into Viking is an easy trip back in time. It reminds me of coming home weekends from my first job. It also reminds me of driving with my friends on a Saturday night. We’d drive out into the country, then back into town, nothing too exciting however we had the best conversations. I drift back farther and remember my mom taking me to the Co-op or the Hartz store for groceries. I loved Christmas in Viking because we’d get our tree at the Co-op store. The little Post Office usually had decorations and the whole town looked like magic to me. I guess when your little and you have a good imagination you see what your heart thinks.

A drive out to the farm is a nice little rush back in time. My nephew has taken the home place and made it so nice.  However, I still see the little white house where I grew up. I still see the nice old dairy barn where we all spent a lot of time. If I close my eyes, and let my mind drift, I can even see us having a picnic under the trees and playing some baseball. We played a lot of baseball, it’s a wonder I never got better at the sport.

A trip past the farm where I once lived always brings back good memories. All the memories you gather from age 18-23 are good. Even the tough times look pretty good. I like to think about old pictures and stories I’ve seen when I go past the railroad tracks. There’s an old dam along the Snake River that, at one time, created  a reservoir for an overhead water tank that the railroad used. I don’t even have to close my eyes to imagine the tank and I’ve seen the dam many times.

A trip to Viking takes me back to my start. It takes me back to a time before I changed due to life or age or success or failure. It’s good to be reminded of who you are instead of who you’ve become-something I find on a trip back to Viking.

6 thoughts on “The Restorative Powers of a Trip to Viking

  1. Nodded my head as I usually do reading and listening….we do circle back to the places and times of familiar during the “hard” times. Really stopping on “…even the tough times were good…” Well said. Oh…and when my mind takes me back to the milk barn I can hear the basketball hitting the wood floor in the hayloft. Thanks as ways Grant


  2. This was so enjoyable to read! I read it on my break at work last Night and cried❤️ So many wonderful memories. As a Nurse during this crazy time the article was just what I needed right then!
    Thank you Grant Nelson


  3. As someone who also grew up in Viking, thank you for your article! It brought back so many great memories! Thank God for small towns!!


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