Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,


As I age, most of the possessions I want remind me of something else-or some other time. I’ve read that certain smells create the strongest triggers for memory recall, however I think small symbols are my most powerful triggers, Dave. One such symbol would be the IHC emblem found on International Harvester tractors-particularly the Farmalls.

I took this quote from the online website “antiquetractorblog” that explains the relationship between the Farmall and IHC brands, “The International Harvester Company used a handful of different brand names for its tractors, like “McCormick,” “McCormick-Deering,” “International,” and “Farmall.” Very similar tractors were sold under these names at the same time – sort of like the relationship between a Lincoln Navigator and a Ford Expedition.”

We both like IHC/Farmall, Dave. You restored a 450 to perfection after many years of work. Even now, you are searching for an International pick-up like you drove years ago. I too, have enjoyed my share from the International Harvester line of tractors and recently added one more. For the third time in my life, I now own a Farmall “M.”

The first tractor I ever owned was the Farmall M, Dave. The engine was locked and I spent my nights working to break it loose. I used that tractor for several years until I purchased another International Harvester. My next M was Dad’s. I did some work on it and spent the next few years moving it out of the way until I eventually sold it.

Last weekend, I again became the owner of a Farmall M with an F-11 loader. This combination was so popular at one time that it wouldn’t surprise me to see it as part of some family coat of arms. For those who have never seen the combination, it is a red tractor with an orange loader and the grapple tines on the bucket are typically bent. Luckily, the tractor I purchased has never had a grapple so I will have to find a bent one to attach so it looks right. Dave.

I think your relationship with the IHC/Farmall line of tractors is very interesting, Dave. It intrigues me because it is so similar to mine plus it allows me better perspective. It’s hard to understand a relationship, in which you are involved, because you are too close to the situation to have perspective. Watching you fix up a tractor then sell it is very much like watching me do the same thing-only I don’t do as nice a job.

I hope you find you International pickup one day, Dave. There’s nothing like the challenge of taking someone that needs works and making it nice. I think it appeals to our need to help and it also connects us to a personal history before the gray hair, arthritis and tri-focal glasses.

I wanted to tell you thanks for coming up for a visit last weekend too. I just got lost in tractor talk but finally got around to it.

Your little bro’

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